& Temporary Social Distancing Policy


To Our Valued Customers,

­CMP Pumping is currently following procedures as outlined by the CDC to keep our team and customers safe. We realize this is a critical time in our construction season and we want to ensure we are effectively partnering with you to be successful.

The Mecklenburg “Stay at Home Order” designates construction as an essential business.  We are included in Section 5 as “Essential Infrastructure”, therefore we do not anticipate any changes to our operations. This situation is fluid and as we have all experienced, changes come daily and we will deal with them as quickly as they are delivered and interpreted.

We are taking extra precautions daily to be sure that our team is healthy and providing quality concrete pumping services at your job site. Thankfully, other than modifications of delivery and pickup, we have seen no interruptions with concrete being supplied or other materials needed.

To better protect our customers and staff, we have implemented a few temporary internal and service based-policy updates due to COVID-19 that we will be following during this time.

  • Our office is closed to outside visitors and we are only accepting mail and deliveries.
  • Our office staff is working remotely and connecting via conference apps to keep current on all internal and external needs.
  • Pump operators are required to wash and sanitize hands frequently, especially between job sites. It is mandatory for all workers to remain at least 6 feet apart at all times.
  • If you wish to meet with your pump operator, project manager, etc., they will be refraining from handshakes as a precaution to all involved.

We are confident in our abilities to move forward as we have managed a successful business throughout recessions in the past. We have learned some great lessons that will aid us in managing this business change effectively.

Thank you all for your support and commitment to CMP. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

Doug Doggett

Owner & CEO